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  1. I would like information on the Summer Reading program that is to be held at your church. I heard that it was for 2nd graders. I would like to know if this is upcoming 2nd graders or the ones that are now leaving 2nd grade. Thanks

  2. Several weeks ago I contacted the church office re: the calendar. It does not have the Bagels by the Sea Monday gathering at 11 but had something called South Brunswick lectionary. Whoever I talked to looked at the calendar and said that was all wrong and they would correct it. Today I see nothing has been done about it. I live in Vancouver & wanted to see if the Monday group would still be meeting in August but the calendar still has not been fixed.
    Velma Heckman

    • I’m not sure you’re looking at the right calendar (or perhaps the right church). We are located in Sunset Beach, North Carolina. We don’t have a “Bagels by the Sea” group, but do have the lectionary group. Sorry for any confusions.

  3. On May 1st, please change it to read Art Show Registration instead of Preschool Art Show. The show will be up through the week-end with pick up on Sunday after 11:00 service….Thanks

    • Jane,

      The dates are Friday, October 25 & Saturday, October 26. The Fair is later this year in the hopes of avoiding inclement weather.
      We hope to see you there.

  4. I was looking for a church that has a grief group due to the loss of my son in 2014. I thought that seaside had one, but I no longer see it and was wondering if you still have it? Thank you.

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