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Upcoming and Ongoing:

2019 Called General Conference Information from

Latest News about the 2019 General Conference

General Conference Live-Stream (begins 2/23)

Week 3 Resources

Read the Traditionalist Proposal

Week 2 Homework and Resources:

Below are a list of links that will allow you to view and read “homework” documents:

Bishop Sandra Steiner Ball discusses the Connectional Conference Plan

The Commission Proposal for the Connectional Conference Plan (pdf)

A Talk by Pastor Adam Hamilton assessing the Way Forward
(This is the full video that wouldn’t play in the powerpoint on 2/6–He does a good job explaining the four key attitudes on this issue)

Bishops Discuss the “One Church Plan”
(This is the second video that would’t play in the powerpoint on 2/6)

North Carolina Conference Delegation information

Praying our Way Forward Website

Week 1 Homework:

View Bishop Ball’s Overview of the “One Church Plan”

The Commission Proposal for the “One Church Plan” (pdf)

View the Bishop’s Website on the “One Church” plan

Read the Chart comparing the three major proposals (after Judicial Council Review)

Read the Judicial Council Review of the three plans

Gil Rendle Video called “A Parable for Today” from Week 1 Powerpoint


A Collection of Videos on the Way Forward


Q&A Overview of 2019 General Conference