Seaside E-Recycling Fair

The first task God assigned to the human being in the garden was to “tend and keep” the earth. That task continues even today in the many ways we serve as stewards of God’s creation. Modern conveniences have served to make our lives more comfortable, but have often had the side-effect of creating a problem related to disposal. Did you know that many commonly used electronics contain significant amounts of toxic heavy metals such as lead, Chromium and Beryllium? Landfills do not want to accept electronic waste and many of the components reach the end of their useful life in just a few short years. ¬†What to do?

In recent years, our Country Fair leaders have recognized the problem of electronic waste. Various electronic items were donated that were not working or were beyond their useful life, but we had no way to dispose of them so we had let it be known that such items would no longer be accepted. Over time, we’ve become aware of recycling programs that have sprung up to address the problem of electronic waste. So we have partnered with one such organization, S&S recycling, to help our church and community to dispose of unusable, unused or unwanted electronics in an environmentally responsible way through recycling.

Recycle any item that has a cord, battery or an electronic pulse. If you can plug it in to something, please bring it, whether it works or not!

Some examples of items that will be acceptable are:

toasters, lamps, radios, TVs, VCRs, monitors, printers, holiday lights, radios, extension cords, power cords, flashlights, phones, computer mouses (mice?), electric toothbrushes, headphones, earbuds, clocks, cell phones etc. Computer Hard drives will be magnetically wiped then physically destroyed prior to recycling to protect any potentially sensitive information.

All will be recycled, nothing will go to the landfill. Info: 315.729.6476 or 315.253.8107

All proceeds support SUMC Outreach Ministries

Mark your calendar for 9:00 am to 12:00 pm on Saturday April 7, 2018 to bring your items by. If you cannot come during those hours, drop-offs will be accepted in the large shed during business hours beginning Easter Sunday.