Preschool News for May 2015

Dear Parents,

    The end of the school year is here. Where did the year go? We’ve seen your children grow and develop so quickly. They are talking enthusiastically about being older and being ready for the next step in their young lives. I wish they would stay little for a little longer.



    The week of May 4-8 is National Teacher Appreciation Week. I cannot sing the praises of your child’s teachers enough. They are so dedicated and devoted to your children. This is a perfect opportunity to send them a note of appreciation for all they do every day.



    Mothers, we want to invite you to come in at 9:00 on Thursday
morning, May 7, for a “Muffins for Mom” hour. The children have been preparing for your visit. If you cannot be here, we would be happy for a dad, grandparent, or other special person to come on your behalf.



We will hold our third annual play day on Thursday, May 14. Weather permitting, all activities will be outdoors with time out for a hot dog lunch.



    Our graduation and final day will be Thursday, May 21 at 10:00. The children will have a brief performance and will receive their certificates. Cookies and punch will be served following the program. After that, children will be dismissed for the day.



    Parents, we have ordered new graduation gowns for the four year olds that are graduating this year. We want to keep the gowns, but you may purchase the mortar board cap, tassel, and charm with the year for $8. If you purchase

it, you may pay Miss Cathy, Miss Sarah, or me with either a check made payable to the school or in cash. This is something that has been in great demand in the past years, and we want you to have the same opportunity.



This month, students will be learning more about the ocean and sea animals. They will go through a review of the skills that they have covered this year.

In our Bible study, we will focus on one more character trait, that of Being Respectful. The Bible verse this month is Galatians 6:31, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”



    We have sent home the May/June order sheets for the Scholastic books. Summer is a wonderful time to reinforce books to the children. Because we want to insure a timely delivery, the order forms and checks must be back by next Wednesday, May 6.



    Kate Hooks told me that Hickman Library is offering a wonderful program this summer for children that she and I both think you might be interested in. I am enclosing the library’s newsletter; the explanation of the program is at the top of the second page of the newsletter. We can never do enough to make books an important part of your child’s life. We hope you will find this information helpful in planning the summer for your child.



A very special farewell to our four year olds. Many of them have been with us for three or more years. They are a very special group and are fully prepared for next year. We will miss them greatly.

Parents, you have been truly awesome. We cannot sing your praises loudly enough. You have been supportive and faithful to us and truly devoted to your children. It is heartening to see parents like you show such love and guidance to these children. They are certainly blessed.

    The staff wishes all of you a great summer! God Bless each of you.


                    Donna Russell
Cathy Milstead
Kristen Agner
Sherry Marshall
Sarah Beauvais
Jean Francis
Summer Fickes