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4 thoughts on “Calendar

  1. I would like information on the Summer Reading program that is to be held at your church. I heard that it was for 2nd graders. I would like to know if this is upcoming 2nd graders or the ones that are now leaving 2nd grade. Thanks

  2. Several weeks ago I contacted the church office re: the calendar. It does not have the Bagels by the Sea Monday gathering at 11 but had something called South Brunswick lectionary. Whoever I talked to looked at the calendar and said that was all wrong and they would correct it. Today I see nothing has been done about it. I live in Vancouver & wanted to see if the Monday group would still be meeting in August but the calendar still has not been fixed.
    Velma Heckman

    • I’m not sure you’re looking at the right calendar (or perhaps the right church). We are located in Sunset Beach, North Carolina. We don’t have a “Bagels by the Sea” group, but do have the lectionary group. Sorry for any confusions.

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