Grandparents Support Group


Grandparents’ Support Group

Many grandparents today are stepping in to raise their grandchildren.  If you are one of these grandparents, you have probably made numerous sacrifices in order to provide a better life for your grandchildren.   Having the full time care of your grandchildren can be very rewarding, but also challenging.  Grandparents sometimes feel physically and emotionally drained by their caring role and at times, they may question themselves about their ability to keep on coping with the demands of being a parent for the second time.

Friendships with others of a similar age can be difficult to maintain and grandparents can begin to feel socially isolated.  Often, grandparents take on this obligation when the grandchildren’s own parents are not able or willing to take care of them.  The children may feel insecure and afraid; they may be angry at their situation and even embarrassed by it.  It will take time for these children to feel safe and secure.  You can encourage these good feelings and ease their adjustment in a number of ways.  Joining a grandparent support group can be a way of forming new friendships and having access to information and the wisdom of other grandparents who are also raising grandchildren.  The support of others can assist grandparents to continue to have the energy to keep on caregiving.  The Grandparents’ Support Group meets from September through May.  They meet on Wednesday mornings  at 10:00 am, at Seaside United Methodist Church.  All grandparents raising grandchildren are welcome.  If you are interested in joining our grandparents’ group or have questions, please call the church office at (910) 579-5753 or complete the form below.