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4 thoughts on ““Christ The Lord Has Risen”

  1. Scott, I am so sorry I missed your sermon due to illness as it was soooooo good! I have missed a lot lately with right arm in a caste and unable to see well at all with eye infection.
    As I listened to your sermon, my mind kept going back to the week my mother died. She told me one day, “They say I am going home and I am worried because I can’t take care of myself.” I asked her who was telling her that and she said ” all the voices”. She died 2 days later and I am sure she is alive with all those who were calling her!

  2. Believing in the Resurrection gives me peace. Belonging to Seaside allows me to be in community with so many others who experience this peace because of the miracle of Easter. Scott, your words are a balm to my soul. You settle me and give me perspective when I wavier, always enforcing God’s words in a way I can understand. I will always be grateful for you and Mary Jane breathing such wonderful life into our church and being instrumental in bringing so many others into the fold. Praying you have many blessings during many days of retirement.

  3. Please consider doing a blog of your life going forward or publish a book of your and Mary Jane’s Sermons. I definite would read or buy. I am going to miss you both, but will continue to wish you well and pray for you both in this new chapter of your life. Brenda A. Arey

  4. Scott, I am again so grateful that you continue to preach at times sharing some of your personal journey as it relates to your congregants’ personal journeys and God’s Promise. Hearing your voice and absorbing your words has strengthened and encouraged me. Love to you and Mary Jane!

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