Seaside Preschool November Newsletter


     Happy autumn to everyone. October was a
very busy month. The costume parade and party were both fun for the children.
They looked so cute, had a wonderful time, and were well behaved. We all
benefited from the various experiences from each classroom.


          Our theme for November is “God Made the
World and the Seasons”. In addition to looking at changes in nature due to
seasonal change and weather, all classes will be looking at size comparison and
sequencing. Our values this month that will be stressed are Thankfulness and
Manners. Our Kindermusic program will include music from the theme, “Home Sweet
Home” and they are also preparing for the music for our Christmas program. We
have been doing Bible stories based on the theme “The Fruits of the Spirit”. This
month we will focus on Peace. All Bible stories will be based on this theme.
The Bible verse of the month is “Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts.”
Colossians 3:15


     We continue to be concerned about the
viruses and colds that are in our area. Some of our students have been absent
for various illnesses, and we appreciate you for keeping your child at home if
there is any sign of fever and/or contagion. We are working diligently to wipe
down our work areas several times a day with Clorox Wipes. The children  wash their hands several times in a morning
since “hand to mouth” is the most common way to get the flu. We are also trying
to get the students to cough into their elbow rather than their hands. This
still does not guarantee that illnesses won’t occur.


      November is a beautiful month in North Carolina. It is
very easy to use the month to focus on all of the blessings that are given to
us every day. In addition to the topics already listed, we will look at
specific things for which we are thankful and for the things in nature that
make our earth so special. Among these things is the hibernation of certain
animals that will be a focus of our study.


     We are sending home quite a few
Scholastic magazines for you this month. I have received word that the October
books have been shipped. All new orders are due by Tuesday, November 13.


     We have had
some careless drivers driving through our parking lot when you bring your child
to school each morning. Please know that the teachers and I have told the
children that they are not to exit their car until a teacher is there to
receive them. The alternative would be for you to park your car and walk your child
into the building. We take the children’s safety very seriously and know that
this will only enhance their safety.


     School will
be closed in observance of Veteran’s
Day on November 12.


will be closed on Wednesday and
Thursday, November 21-22
in observance of Thanksgiving. On Tuesday, November 20, we will have our own Thanksgiving celebration here at school.
This is a special time for us to remember all of the things that we are
thankful for and to learn about the very first Thanksgiving.


We so appreciate your support of this year’s
fundraiser. I will let you know how much money we made when I receive the


We were fortunate in having every child in
attendance on Picture Day, and the proofs certainly depict what beautiful
children we have in this school. Please return your orders by next Thursday,
November 8. The photographer requests that all checks have your driver’s
license number on it. If you are not purchasing, please return the proof
package. Otherwise, the school is charged $10.


  • To
    update any change of clothing that you have sent in to the teacher. Shorts
    should be replaced with long pants and shirts should have long sleeves.
  • To bring
    your child and pick him/her up in a car seat. It is the law.

of us is very grateful for having your children in our care for a few hours
each week. They are all happy, enthusiastic, and so much fun to teach. We each
have many humorous stories to relate at the end of each day. I know that you
feel very blessed in having them and are thankful for the love they give back
to you.

     We hope that you have a Happy Thanksgiving
and will take the time to count your many blessings.

  Donna Russell
  Cathy Milstead
  Sherry Marshall
  Jennifer Gerrald
  Kellie Frey
  Pat Herdic

Dates to Remember:
  11/8 – School Picture Orders Are Due
  11/12 – Closed For Veterans Day
  11/13 – Scholastic Book Order Is Due
  11/20 – Thanksgiving Feast for Preschoolers
  11/21 & 11/22 – School is Closed for Thanksgiving