Preschool News for February

Dear Parents,

    I was just getting ready to write about the favorable winter that we have had this winter and then “Bam!” I have lived down here a little over thirteen years and do not remember temperatures getting down so low or snow and ice that stayed for days. Hopefully, this month will bring us the temperatures that are normal for this area and sunshine that blesses us most days. Just in case, we will continue to abide by our policy that we will close any day that the county schools are closed for inclement weather, but we will open at regular hours if there is a delayed opening.


The theme this month will be Dinosaurs. In addition to learning about dinosaurs, teachers will be teaching rhyming patterns and the values of kindness, taking turns, and honesty. Teachers will also be revisiting the skills of last month, especially patterns and positional words. In music, the theme is “Out and About” and “On the Go”. February is also Dental Health Month; therefore, the classes will be discussing the proper care of their teeth and seeing the dentist. The children continue to amaze me every week in Chapel. This month we will look at Hospitality a way to show love for one another. The Bible stories will focus on this concept, and the Bible verse is “Offer hospitality to one another without grumbling.” (1 Peter 4:9)

Special Events

    Ground Hog Day – February 2

    Valentine’s Day Party – February 13 – More information to come

    Presidents’ Day – February 17 – Schools are closed

    Gourmet Dinner – February 24

Scholastic Books

    If you are ordering from Scholastic Books, the due date for all orders is Monday, February 17.

Valentine’s Party

Thursday, February 13 is our Valentine Party. Each teacher will send home a class list for you so that valentines can be sent in for the classmates. If help is needed in preparing for the party, the teacher will notify you.

Enrollment for Next Year

February is the start of enrollment for next year’s two, three and four year olds. An enrollment letter and enrollment form are attached. Please read and respond within the next two weeks if you would like to verify early placement. Your recommendations to neighbors and friends have always brought us wonderful families, so if you need extra forms, please ask.

Parent Conferences

The children who are going to kindergarten next year are working on the kindergarten checklist. Conferences regarding your child’s strengths and weaknesses will begin this month. If a parent would like a conference with their child’s teacher from Miss Kristen’s or Miss Sherry’s class, please let them know and they will schedule a conference for you. The only mandatory conferences are with our parents of children who will be attending Kindergarten next year.

Have a Heart Month

    Each year, we have a coin collection month. The purpose of this project is to instill in the children that it is never too early to do good for others. We ask each child to bring in any loose change each day and add it to their class’s “piggy bank”. At the end of the month, we take the change that has been collected to the bank, have it counted, and use the money to help someone in need. In the past, we have collected money for the food pantry, purchased food for the food pantry, and purchased Thanksgiving meals for a few families in the community. Anything that you can do to remind your child to bring in a few coins each day would be greatly appreciated. We will begin the drive on Tuesday, Feb. 4 and end on Thursday, February 27.

Gourmet Dinner

    David Gundrum has been kind enough to offer his talent as a chef in preparing one more meal for us. He will be serving two of his most popular meals from his restaurant, Roberto’s, at our church on February 24. This is a great opportunity to get an excellent meal at an excellent price. We will be offering take-out or eat-in. More details to come.

    February is a short month, but it is such an important one because it makes us all stop and reflect on those qualities in our loved ones that we so love and appreciate. It certainly makes our staff know how much we love your children and how much we appreciate you for allowing us to help them grow developmentally, spiritually, and emotionally.

    Happy Valentine’s Day to each of you.


            Donna Russell

            Cathy Milstead

            Kristen Agner

            Sherry Marshall

        Kerry Kennedy

        Sarah Beauvais