March Preschool Newsletter

Dear Parents,

            Each class
has been affected this month by the flu, virus, cold, earaches, strep throat,
and other illnesses, but the warm weather that March promises us always brings
an end to these problems. In the meantime, please watch your child carefully
each morning. If he or she shows any sort of contagion (fever, for example),
please let him or her rest at home. Only by leaving the germs at home can we
eliminate it from the classroom. We are taking extra precautions to keep things
washed down with Clorox wipes, washing hands, using Kleenex, and teaching the
children to cover their mouths with their arms when they cough.

Scholastic Book

Our Scholastic Book Order is due Thursday,
March 14 .The flyers are being sent home with this letter.


            We are very
pleased to see that so many of our two and three year olds will be back next
year. Thank you for your support and goodwill among the community. So many of
the incoming new parents have mentioned that parents of our children have
recommended our school to them. We still have openings in the three and four
year old classes, so please let anyone know that is still searching for a
preschool for their child. I would be happy to meet with the parents and
explain our program to them.

March Curriculum

curriculum this month is revolved around the themes of “Transportation” and
“Community Helpers”. Teachers will also be emphasizing the concepts of Opposites,
Following Directions, and Patience. We will also spend some time teaching the
children about Poison Control. With the arrival of spring this month, the
change of seasons is being readdressed. The Kindermusic themes this month are
“Up in the Sky” and “Down on the Ground”. In addition, the children will be
learning about “Faithfulness” in chapel. Our Bible verse is Proverbs 3:3, “Let
love and faithfulness never leave you.”

Donuts for Dads

            Dads, don’t
forget Thursday, March 14 at 9:00.
This is a special time for Dads to come to school with their children for about
an hour so that we can pay homage to you and the important role you play in
your child’s life. If Dad cannot attend, we always welcome Granddads, uncles,
moms, or other influential people in your child’s world.

Staffing Changes

Miss Jennifer is leaving us for the remainder of the year. She has some family
issues that must be resolved. We wish her well. Fortunately, Miss Pat is ready,
willing, and excited about taking on the role of lead teacher for the three
year old class. She is a credentialed Early Childhood teacher and will continue
with the class in the same manner that Miss Jennifer did. We will be seeking an
assistant for the four-year old class to replace Miss Pat.

Seaside Preschool on Facebook

            Thanks to
Sherry Marshall, our preschool is on Facebook. By visiting it, you will be kept
up to date with any additional information that we did not know at the time the
newsletter was sent to you.

Field Trip to the
Fire House

connection with our study of community helpers, we are planning a trip to
Calabash Fire House. Details are not finalized, so further information will be

Important Dates

March Special Events – Dr. Seuss’s Birthday – March 2

Book Order due – March 14

                                       Donuts for Dads – March 14 – 9:00

                                       St. Patrick’s
Day – March 17   

                     First day of spring – March 20

Our students are showing progress
at an increasing speed. They can now do so many things that they could not do
earlier in the school year. They are coming to circle time more and more eager
to share and learn. You have extraordinary children with so much enthusiasm to
share with us every day. Thank you for sharing them with us a few hours each


                                                                       Donna Russell
Cathy Milstead
Jennifer Gerrald
Pat Herdic
Sherry Marshall
Kellie Frey