Kathryn Parker Receives Professional Certification in Music Ministry

kp-certificationWe are proud to announce that our own Director of Music Ministries, Kathryn Parker, will has formally received her Professional Certification in Music Ministry in The United Methodist Church.  She will be recognized during the 9:00 Session of the North Carolina Annual Conference on Thursday, June 13.  This certification as a Minister of Music required extensive preparation and several years to complete.

Certification through The United Methodist Church is the church’s recognition that an individual has been called to a specialized area of ministry and has made a commitment to fulfill the required standards for academic training, experience, and continuing study and to serve on behalf of the church with excellence.

Preparation for certification and continuing study provide biblical and theological training, knowledge of United Methodist structure, skill development, support, and accountability. It is available to any person — lay or ordained — who meets the standards set by the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry.

Certification is part of a continuing, hopefully lifelong, commitment to learning, developing our skill, and growing our faith. Through certification preparation, one becomes biblically anchored which helps prevent one from drifting with the waves of opinion. One becomes theologically informed which shapes our continuing formation as a Christian. Skills are developed and enhanced. Knowledge about The United Methodist Church structure and its resources is obtained. All of this leads to the intrinsic satisfaction of knowing that you are striving for excellence.

Congratulations Kathryn!