Silent Auction

Silent Auction

Event Leader 1:  Carol Sloper
Email: or 703-304-1326

Event Leader 2:  Kay Swenson
Email: or 843-360-0355
Description of event: The Silent Auction is a separate area where items are on display for bidding until noon Saturday. At that time bidding stops and the item is sold to the highest bidder.  A selected variety of items are donated to the Silent Auction team.  These items range from antique, slightly used, new, crafted, handmade, or a unique collectable.  They are items that require individual attention to determine price.  Our responsibility is to log each item, describe its individual characteristic and assign a value.  We check the internet as well as other sources to determine a minimum price.   Volunteers are needed to help at the storage unit to examine, pack, and determine the price weekly as items arrive.  We need a team of volunteers to find creative ways for our congregation to participate in the Silent Auction by donating time and/or talents, and recruit those willing to serve.  For example, wash a car, repairs, cook a dinner, all ideas are welcome.  Another area that we need volunteers is to solicit businesses for donations   Immediately prior to the Country Fair we need volunteers for setting up, and during the auction to monitor the room.  On Saturday we need help boxing items, and assisting the cashier in checking out customers with cash and credit cards.
Schedule of work: On your own time, participate in the team to find creative donations in the form of time and services, or participate in soliciting businesses for donations.  One day a week or less work in the storage unit with donated items.  Thursday prior to the Country Fair unpack items and work on placing and displaying the items.  Friday and Saturday we will need volunteers for 2 to 3 hour shifts to assist bidders and work in the room helping the bidders and watching for anything unusual.  And, of course, assistance in the clean up on Saturday afternoon.

Name of person to contact: 

Carol Sloper at or 703-304-1326
Kay Swenson at or 843-360-0355


Please Contact Me About Helping with Silent Auction