Holy Land Christians Visit Seaside on August 20

On August 20, 2017, Dr. George Ghanem, a native of Bethlehem, will visit Seaside to give us an update on the plight of Christians living in the Holy Land. George works with the Holy Land Christian Solidarity Cooperative. While here, the church will be hosting a nice display of handmade olivewood religious articles from Bethlehem and Jerusalem available for purchase in the Church Fellowship Hall. These carvings include olivewood Nativity sets, crosses, Christmas ornaments, candle holders, angles and many other religious crafts that make nice wedding, baptism, confirmation, Easter, and especially Christmas gifts.

These carvings are handmade by our Christian families in Bethlehem who rely on it for their daily bread. For more than ten years those Christians have been enduring many hardships as tourism in Bethlehem has plummeted and access to other sources of income has been sharply restricted due to the ongoing conflict. The Christian population of the Holy Land went down from 30% in the last century to almost 1% today.

Please help support our Christian brothers and sisters in the town where Christ was born by purchasing their carvings. George Ghanem, an indigenous Christian from Bethlehem will be sharing the story of the Christians of the Holy Land and he will be presenting these carvings after each service. Proceeds go to support Christian families in Bethlehem. It is never too late to help! Please, help us defeat ISIS by supporting the Holy Land Christians.

The website showing the olivewood religious carvings is www.holylandcsc.com

Download a copy of their flyer