Happy Socks Mission Project

Imagine for just a moment that you are a kitten abandoned on the side of the road. A nice couple picks you up, but you find yourself terrified! They take you to this strange building, with cages and lots of other cats. At first, you are not sure what to think. Am I safe here? You are find yourself nervous and unsure of what to do….then, a volunteer puts a sock in your cage with you, and you smell it…Catnip! Instantly your mind is put at ease, you relax, and you are ready to explore this new place and make new friends!

This story happens week after week at animal shelters all over our community. So on May 9th, along with our Joyful Noise children’s choir, we are going to engage in a Happy Socks Mission Project! Happy Socks are nothing more than socks that are stuffed with catnip and filling, and then delivered to local shelters as both a calming and stimulating toy for kittens and cats. 

You are welcomed to come on Wednesday, May 9th at 4:30 p.m. to help make the socks. You don’t have to be crafty or artsy to help, so everyone from Seaside is encouraged and welcomed to come! After the socks are made, we will deliver them to Cat Tails Cat Rescue and Shelter in Ocean Isle Beach. Thanks in advance for taking care of some of God’s cutest creations!


Please sign up below so we know how many to expect. Pizza and snacks will be provided!