February 2017 Preschool News

Dear Parents,

    January has been a month of weather fluctuations. We have very cold days followed by warmer temperatures. As a result of the weather and the season, we have had children out of school due to colds, strep throat, ear infections, and the like. Thank you for letting your child remain home to recuperate rather than send him/her to school when he/she might be contagious. Because of your diligence, we have not had any epidemics thus far.




Special Events

    Ground Hog Day – February 2

February 20 – Schools are closed


Scholastic Books

    If you are ordering from Scholastic Books, the due date for all orders is Wednesday, February 15.




Valentine’s Party

Tuesday, February 14 is our Valentine Party. Each teacher will send home a class list for you so that valentines can be sent in for the classmates. If help is needed in preparing for the party, the teacher will notify you.

Enrollment for Next Year

a Heart Month

Snacks Reminder

    February is a short month, but it is such an important one because it makes us all stop and reflect on those qualities in our loved ones that we so love and appreciate. It certainly makes our staff know how much we love your children and how much we appreciate you for allowing us to help them grow developmentally, spiritually, and emotionally.


                    Donna Russell        Sherry Marshall

                    Cathy Milstead    Jean Francis

                    Jennifer Gerrald    Sarah Beauvais