Memorial Garden

The Mission of the “Garden of the Disciples”

  •  To provide the followers of Jesus Christ with a final resting place near their church home.
  • To demonstrate good stewardship of our earth by reducing space needed for burial.
  • To add beauty to a portion of our church property.
  • To offer a place to reflect on the life and love of the departed.

You are invited to visit the Garden anytime during normal business hours.

Did You Know…?

The Garden includes 82 in-ground sites and 108 wall niches. Each site will accommodate the cremains of one or two persons.

Members of Seaside United Methodist Church, spouses of members, children or step-children of members, parents of step-parents of members and employees of the church are eligible for interment of their cremains in the Garden.

An eligible person may reserve a site by completing an application and paying the current fee approved by the Trustees. (The following schedule of fees is applicable through 2017)

Fees for in-ground* sites:

  •  Please contact the church office for pricing information

Fees for Wall niches in the Jerry Lowry Corner*:

  • Please contact the church office for pricing information

Fee for a larger wall niche in the Apostles’ Corner

  • Please contact the church office for pricing information

Other information:

At the time of application and payment of the full amount, a site or niche may be selected from the sites available in the Garden.

The privilege to use an interment site or niche may not be transferred to another party whether by sale, gift or inheritance.

The holder(s) or a legal representative may surrender a reservation by written notice to the Garden Committee. A refund of the amount paid shall be made when the site has been reserved or when the Committee determine that it has sufficient funds to do so.

Application forms to reserve a site in the Garden of Disciples are available in the church office.

Please refer any questions or comments you may have to the Garden Committee.