Our History

Seaside United Methodist Church has been growing and changing since 1989 when a community survey was conducted by a group of individuals interested in establishing a new United Methodist Church in South Brunswick County.  Results of the survey were favorable and the organizing members began the task of officially chartering Seaside United Methodist Church.

On June 18, 1989, Bishop C.P. Minnick appointed the Reverend Camille Yorkey Edwards as the first pastor of Seaside United Methodist Church.  With seventy-five persons present, the first services were held in a former furniture store on July 2, 1989.

Three years later, on July 5, 1992, Seaside United Methodist Church moved into its new facility located on Route 904 near Seaside Station.  The inaugural service was attended by more than three hundred fifty persons.  The church had grown almost ten-fold in just three years.

In 1993, Rev. Jerry Lowry was appointed to serve this dynamic, growing church.  During his tenure, membership increased and many new outreach ministries were established the meet the needs of the surrounding community and a world in need.

Rev. Robert (Bob) Redmond succeeded Rev. Lowry in 2000 and remained at Seaside until 2007.  During these years, the church grew to 564 active members and Seaside continued to serve as a leader for outreach ministries in a rapidly growing community.  In 2005, the church began construction of a new worship center, and dedication services for this beautiful new facility were held in November of 2006.

Rev. David Benson assumed the mantle of pastor of Seaside in 2007 and oversaw the critical period that included getting settled into the new sanctuary and the dramatic growth that the church continued to experience.  During Rev. Benson’s tenure, the church crossed the threshold of 1,000 members and saw average worship attendance rise to over 500.

In 2009, Bishop Al Gwinn announced the appointment of the first Co-Pastors to serve Seaside.  Rev. Scott and Mary Jane Wilson-Parsons arrived at the end of June.

On the first Sunday of October, 2009, the church celebrated its first “Homecoming” service, celebrating 20 years of faith and ministry.  We invite you to join us as we enter our third decade of service at Seaside, “God’s Sanctuary by the Sea.”