A Word About Harvest Festival


A Word From Stefanie
Regarding the Harvest Festival

Dear Seaside,

Again and again I am
amazed by the generosity of this church. When you are asked to give of your
time and resources, you respond to the call with a resounding “Yes!”
I know this because each October I ask you to bring Halloween Candy for our
Harvest Festival…and each October your donations fill my office to the
ceiling: Twix, Kit Kat and Skittles as far as the eye can see!

Our Harvest Festival
is a wonderful opportunity each year to minister to children and families in
our community by simply offering them a fun and safe environment to show of
their costumes, play some games, win prizes and even eat dinner together as a

This year’s Harvest
Festival was going to be held earlier in the month due to the change in dates
for the Country Fair. But after meeting with leaders of the church, staff and
members of the Christian Formation Ministry Team, a decision was made to cancel
the Harvest Festival altogether for this year. Many of the families that we
serve are still dealing with the aftermath of the storm, and as of now the
children are not even back to school. Many of them are not yet thinking about
Halloween Costumes, Jack-o-Lanterns and candy — they are still thinking about
how to get life back to normal. 

Additionally, the
Harvest Festival requires a good deal of generosity from the congregation, and
at this time, we would rather your focus be on the rescue and recovery efforts
of so many who are displaced or have lost so much. The next few months are
critical for our area, and we know that relief will be necessary for years to

We are already looking
forward to next year’s Harvest Festival and are using this opportunity to come
up with some new and innovative ideas to make next year’s event the best ever!
In the meantime, we hope you will continue to pray for all of these families
and the schools as they work to move forward. Thank you for all of your support
through the years, it is a blessing to serve with you!

In Christ,

Stefanie Riley