A Choir Loft Worthy of Our Sanctuary


In 2005, as final designs were settled for our current sanctuary, our planners desired to make the chancel (stage) area as flexible as possible. With this in mind, we chose to utilize moveable risers for the choir. At that time, the full choir included some fifty members. As the choir grew, allowances were made, and an additional row added for the use of our handbells and our expanding choir.

Since moving into the new sanctuary, our choir has more than doubled in size, with major cantata performances and rehearsals often exceeding the space on the risers.

The notion of flexibility was a worthy goal, but in practice the risers have proven too difficult to move. They occasionally have required mechanical repairs, the movement of the choir on and off of the risers is often noisy, and there is no accommodation for wheelchair access. Discussions and planning for their replacement began in 2011.

Church Presentation, June 7

Description of Project

The heart of the project is the replacement of the  existing choir risers (4 rows) with a permanent choir loft consisting of 5 rows of pew seating capable of accommodating 110 persons, including 2 in wheelchair accessible spaces.

Additionally, the chancel platform is to be extended left and right to provide some additional stage width for the piano, drums and organ as well as to provide better wheelchair access into the choir loft from either side. A low privacy panel/rail will be installed but will not obstruct the view of the stage or choir.  The arc of the existing communion rail will be shortened to accommodate these changes but will still allow persons to enter the chancel from the side.

The first pew on either side of the main floor seating sections will be relocated to become the back row of those sections.

Minor changes in locating electrical and AV connections will be made as needed.

The hardwood floor of the chancel stage will be refinished to ensure a seamless connection to the additions.

Estimated Construction Cost:


Proposed Construction Start Date:

In Phases through Summer 2016

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